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Aquatic weed removal is very important to the health of your lakeshore. Cattails, lily pads and invasive weeds like milfoil, can be a safety hazard for swimming, prevent boats from easily reaching open water and simply be an eye sore. We clean your lakeshore and surrounding water using chemical-free environmentally friendly removal techniques so you can enjoy debris free water.

Waterfront Solutions cleans Minnesota shoreline and lake water using chemical-free, environmentally friendly removal techniques so you can enjoy a safe, debris free lakefront. We’ll also create weed-free paths from shoreline to open water as needed.

We remove both submerged and surface lake weeds such as cattails and lily pads using scuba gear to hand pick invasive weeds out by the roots, removing the problem from the ground up. All of the weeds and debris are disposed of off-site for your convenience.

Waterfront Solutions also provides general lake and beach maintenance services such as removing washed up debris and leveling off sandy beaches.

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