Lake Minnetonka Boat Lift Sales

For Lake Minnetonka waterfront homeowners, storing your boat on a lift is a major convenience! Not only does it remove the need to trailer your boat to crowded launch sites, but they offer the protection from general water absorption, algae and moss, and storm waves, making it well worth the investment! The ability to lift your watercraft high and dry when not in use is the best way to maintain the value of your boat.

At Waterfront Solutions, we do more than install and remove boat lifts; we can walk you through the buying process to make sure that your purchase is the best option for you and your boat. Buying directly from us means the perfect fit, every time.

When it comes to our boat lift sales, we carry some of the highest quality boat lifts available in these styles: Hydraulic, cable, and floating.


Uncover your boat in under 30 seconds!

The Touchless Boat Cover protection system introduces you to a lifetime of effortless boating by completely removing the hassle of covering and uncovering your boat. Making, The Touchless Boat Cover, one of the most demanded boat care products in the industry by maximizing your time on the water.

Fully automated, The Touchless Boat Cover protection system can operate independently with any boat lift. By the simple use of a remote and press of a button, the cover will smoothly lower over your boat. It’s that easy!

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